a note from tracey

Taking time out of your crazy schedule is not easy. I totally get that. Thank you for stopping to explore.

A few things you might want to know:

  • I care deeply about people. How they think, feel and act affects the ultimate success of companies.
  • I am nerdy about systems and processes. I get super goosebump(ishly) excited when the dots are connected and things run sweetly.
  • Lean methodologies and agile teams are deeply entrenched in my being, thinking and doing.
  • I believe that teams need to operate optimally in the present. To do this, they need an active understanding of the future.
  • I have a bugbear about the 'follow-like-sheep' mentality. I write a lot about it here
  • I am equally excited when speaking to audiences about my take on team performance as I am to watching our team thrive from my desk at my home office in Wellington, South Africa.
  • I am a big picture detail dodger with a weird attraction to understanding how things work. I know this makes little sense, but it is totally true.
  • I am honest, direct and totally to the point. Although I do try be gentle when necessary, I believe that too much time is wasted on beating around the bush. It's unproductive otherwise.
  • My theme for the year is love. Not the hearts, flowers and kisses, but the pure science behind love and how that attributes to the chemistry of a great team.
  • I am married to the funniest guy who cooks and cares for me as if I were a princess. We have two cherrubs, Ryland, a teenager currently engrossed in a love affair with his computer (I'm strangely content with this for now) and Deena, a complex, sweet, tiny and kind kid who totally has me wrapped around her baby finger.
  • Oh, I'm also founder + CHO of WNDYR, a multinational group of companies whose primary goal is to transform work.
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