January Roundup – 2023

January Roundup
Tracey Foulkes
Written by Tracey Foulkes

I am not great at journaling, but I like to look back on my year and the stories that unfold. I’m going to attempt to choose up to 5 photos from my months and highlight some milestone events to remember.

PIC 1 : I’m 52!

Introverted me likes to keep my birthday celebrations simple. The formula includes the gathering of a tiny few, an element of surprise (my opportunity to relinquish control), love letters, playfulness, cake and bubbles. This year was all that and more! We laughed, I cried, ate, drank, played cards and pool games. My “acts of service” love bucket overflowed. (I’m actually still smiling)

PIC 2 : Day hospital Shenanigans

Mom privilege meant I got to be with Deena when she had her wisdom (teeth) removed. This was her first anaesthetic ever. We’re grateful for modern medicine and our incredibly gentle dentist, Dr Thirion (AKA the nicest man in the world). I feared the dentist as a child, I’m glad our kids don’t need to! Deena is now fully recovered. Pre op pineapple may actually have helped 🍍

PIC 3 : Celebrations

So Doug gifted me a made up card game for my birthday this year (yes, there are rules and disclaimers). High level is that I get to pick a card each week, every week this year. The cards have different values which determine the gift/surprise associated with it. 52 cards. 52 weeks. 52 gifts. Yes, I’m a very lucky girl! Anyway, here we are celebrating my third card/gift of the year and Deena”s exceptional matric results.Well done my bunny 🐇 🐇

PIC 4 : New beginnings

Doug was in the UK doing work for a new client (a pub chain). So while he got to spend time doing what he loves, I got to help madam move to CT. I treasure milestone moments like this.

PIC 5 : Date day

Ryland asked me out on a date (that I paid for I might add). Anyway, I’ll take whatever time I can get with this fine young 22 year old man child. PS: He’d had a car accident on the Fri night (a long story short – his friend was driving. They are both fine. The car not so!).

This month I was privileged to spend time with: The Kiley’s, my dad, Sean & Nicolette, Graham, Ryland & Megs, Deena, Ellie and of course, my Doug-a-bug 💕

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