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Stress – The Epidemic of Modern Society

Tracey Foulkes
Written by Tracey Foulkes

I want to chat to you about STRESS.

Yup, that crazy intangible tangible. A word so deeply engrained in our society, our being and our everyday thinking it’s like a brainworm playing your least favourite song on repeat.

What is stress?

  • In many ways, stress has become sexy, a must have (don’t want) type of self sabotage strategy.
  • It’s the epidemic of our modern existence.
  • It’s subjective.
  • It’s fuelled by constant self diagnosis.
  • It’s exacerbated by constantly talking about it.
  • It’s flipping frustrating and I want to challenge us all to take some actions to massively combat it.

To help us do just that, I want to share a nugget of wisdom I stumbled on this week this week:


Question: How heavy is a glass of water? (you might have seen this on Facebook recently)
Answer: Not very right, well if you carry it only for a short time.
Problem: Now what if you held onto that glass for an hour, a day, a week. It becomes heavier right. The longer you hold on to that glass, the heavier it becomes.
Solution: Acknowledge your stress, deal with it and then put your glass down.

Have a great week.

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