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DEATH BY CV : An Alternative to Boring Interviews

Tracey Foulkes
Written by Tracey Foulkes

My mentor tells me that no matter how many people we hire, we’ll still be under resourced. I get that. So add 100 people, and viola, you need more resources to manage outputs of those new hires. That said, we’re under resourced and have a massive recruitment drive underway.


We’re growing at a rate of knots and frankly while I truly want to attract the very best of people to come play with us, we don’t have the capacity (both in time and mental strength) to vet thousands of potentials.

  1. CV’s are B-O-R-I-N-G: I realise that while I appreciate the trend to send shortened CV’s, in all honesty they still provide little movement on my excitement barometer. I clearly remember the day I made a not-so-polite telephone call to the head of faculty of a local university who had sent me 15 template type CV’s. They were looking for an internship, it was part of their curriculum. I was desperately looking for the non-conformist. The one that would challenge the status-quo and provide a personality filled one (or two) pager that really caught my attention. There was none. I was not happy. I didn’t offer anyone the job.
  2. COMPETITION IS MASSIVE: There are many many many people looking for work all around the globe. It’s super easy to fill in an online questionnaire (or even forward your CV for that matter), hit send + wait. Complacency is a killer, it wastes time, the questions remains:
    • how much do you actually want this job?
    • are we a good fit?


So we’ve taken a slightly different approach to hiring. One that sits a whole lot better with our #happywork ethos. We ask potentials to pitch themselves to us in a way that really shows their excellence. They choose the format, they bring us their best. If we feel they’re the right fit, we’ll find a place for them. You can take a look at our ‘we’re hiring’ page here

“Come to us with something quirky. Tell us how you want to be interviewed. We like surprises. We like to see you at your best.”




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