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Tracey Foulkes
Written by Tracey Foulkes

Howdy guys … after a busy week and a day of laser-like focus, I write this to you with flushed cheeks and a satisfied feeling that I’ve had one of those good, super productive days. The type where you focus deeply on the important things, you get in – get it – get out. Where you move things forward in a very real way. It feels strangely like a luxury when you block off a biiiiig pocket of time to really focus without interruption on what is most important. In contrast to the initial guilt of switching yourself off from the world, you emerge victorious, with crystal clear clarity and a sense of deep satisfaction – you are worthy.

So my musing today is brief but super important. It’s one I want you to answer with honesty. It’s more of a question than anything else, but please answer it. Your opinion is valuable.


What 1 thing will you do differently from your next day at work that will save you time (and/or make you more productive)?

Some ideas to get you thinking (don’t let them limit you):

  1. Submit a Typeform questionnaire instead of calling a meeting
  2. Arrive prepared for a meeting instead of winging it
  3. Have a meeting agenda (instead of winging it)
  4. Spend a few more minutes on pre-call admin to deliver client excellence first time, every time
  5. Ask for clarification on a task before making assumptions
  6. Provide all the information when tasking (what, when, who, how, why) so no one needs to make assumptions
  7. Deliver a sample or work in progress vs. a final product for approval
  8. Brainstorm 3 solutions to your problem before asking someone else for input
  9. Connect with a buddy to troubleshoot or quality check a deliverable
  10. Start your day with a powerhour
  11. Switch off IM notifications on your phone
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