Gaming: A Teenagers Perspective of Work

Tracey Foulkes
Written by Tracey Foulkes

Dear 16 year old me …

I started writing this post this morning, I had planned on chatting about what I wished I’d known at 16, but quickly realised that it’s not so much about what I’d known but more about what I would have done had I known. Same applies today. What am I doing with my knowledge to be and do better?

What are you doing with your knowledge?

So I decided to tap into the brain of my teenager who was home from school today. Our conversation was deep, and special and meaningful (and all about gaming). I asked


He wrote down his answer here:

Dear Team

I don’t have much to share about work but I do have much to share about gaming. I think you’ll notice there is not much difference. Here’s what I suggest.

Approach work as if you were a gamer.

  • Understand that some games don’t have a defined time frame, it’s easy to go off track or disappear for hours.
  • If you don’t have self control, your time will run away from you and you’re gonna be very hard to play with.
  • If you have self control and are able to do all other activities while still putting aside time for your game then you will be A ok.
  • Escaping (taking a break) is something everyone needs, it’s quicker than going on vacation but it is needed to be done more often. Take time to game every day (1-2 hours minimum).
  • To be good at business you need to be able to make quick decisions. Most gamers have a very quick decision making process and will do things quickly (cause they want more time to game), like me writing this.

Now, how could using a gamers way of thinking help you in your life, with your work and with your team?



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